Retardation of ripening of mangoes by postharvest application of calcium

S.I.H. Tirmazi, R.B.H. Wills


Dipping unripe mangoes (cv. 'Kensington Pride') in a solution of four per cent w/v calcium chloride under reduced pressure (250 mm Hg) and subsequent storage at 25°C resulted in fruit ripening being delayed by one week relative to control fruit which ripened after two weeks storage. When the calcium-treated fruit ripened, they had a slightly higher level of ascorbic acid than control fruit but the levels of titratable acid, soluble solids and pH were similar. A tasting panel found that the fruit were of good eating quality. The use of calcium chloride dips of eight per cent w/v or higher, delayed ripening but skin injury and secondary microbial growth developed on these fruit during storage.

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