Effect of plane of nutrition and weaning weights on the performance of male Arabi lambs

F.A. Latif, M.N. Al-Saigh, M.B. Sial, I.T. Kadim


Eighteen waned male Arabi lambs were distributed into two equal groups and raised for a period of 75 days (1) ad-libitum and (2) on a restricted (75% of ad-libitum consumption) concentrate, together with 0.25 kg green alfalfa per day for each lamb. Each group was divided into three sub groups classified according to weaning weight (26, 21 and 18 kg). The results revealed that (1) life-weight gains were significantly (P < 0.1) greater in ad-libitum fed lambs than those given a restricted feed allowance; (2) within one group of lambs with an 18 kg weaning weight gained significantly more weight than those starting with a 26 kg weaning weight. The lambs which started with a 21 kg weaning weight achieved greater weight gains, but to a lower significance level (P <0.05) than those with a 26 kg starting weight. There was no statistical difference in the daily weight gains of lambs with 18 and 21 kg weaning weights; (3) feed consumption followed a similar pattern.


Sheep; Nutrition; Weight; Growth

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