Value of treating bagasse with steam under pressure for cattle feed


  • Findlay M. Pate University of Florida, Agriculture Research and Education Center, Belle Glade, Florida, USA


Cattle, Bagasse, Pressure, Steam


Digestibility, intake, and feedlot trials were conducted with cattle to determine the nutritive value of steam-pressure treated (SPT) sugar-cane bagasse. A diet containing 56% SPT bagasse dry matter (DM) had 8 and 7% higher DM and organic matter digestibilities, respectively, than a diet containing 56% raw bagasse DM. Digestibilities of crude fibre, neutral detergent fibre, acid detergent fibre, and cellulose were respectively 44, 31, 67, and 46% higher in the SPT bagasse diet than in the raw bagasse diet. Crude protein digestibility was 55% higher in the raw bagasse diet. Steers given a diet with 32% SPT bagasse DM consumed twice as much DM than steers given a diet with 56% SPT bagasse DM. Steers given either diet exhibited a craving for fibre, a problem corrected by feeding hay. Average daily gain (ADG) by steers given diets containing 0, 14, and 30% SPT bagasse DM were 1.10, 1.23, and 1.40 kg, respectively. Feed efficiency (FE) improved in a similar manner. Both ADG and FE by steers, given a diet containing 46% SPT bagasse DM, were substantially lower than that of steers fed diets containing lower levels of SPT bagasse. Carcass measurements of steers given diets containing 46% SPT bagasse DM tended to be lower than those of steers given diets with lower levels of SPT bagasse.



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