Some factors affecting the reproductive performance of White Fulani (Bunaji) cattle

E.O. Oyedipe, V. Buvanendran, L.O. Eduvie


An analysis of reproductive data on White Fulani (Bunaji) Zebu cattle of Northern Nigeria was carried out. The season and year of birth had no effect on age at first calving (P > 0.1). The mean age at first calving was 40.4 ± 0.7 months. The distribution of heifers, classified according to age at first calving, appeared to be normal. Subsequent calving intervals for heifers that had their first calf in the dry and wet seasons were 458 and 540 days, respectively. The difference was highly significant (P ? 0.01). The overall calving interval for cows that calved in the wet season (451 days) was longer than those that calved in the dry season (427 days). The difference was just short of significance (P = 0.051). The effect of parity on calving intervals also approached significance (P = 0.069). The calving interval for the first was longer that for other parties.


Cattle; Animal Breeding

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