Effect of different maturity dates of preceding cotton on growth, yield and yield components of wheat

Vijay Kumar, W.C. Mayaki


Mid-June-sown cotton was desiccated with paraquat (1,1-dimethyl-4,4-bipyrodolium dichloride) at 0.4 kg ha-1 to hasten maturity to allow timely seeding of what. Three treatments included in the wet season on cotton were P1-paraquat at 60% boll-opening; P2-paraquat at 80% boll-opening; P0-control. In the dry season, wheat cv. ‘Siete Cerros’ was seeded on three dates in rotation with cotton maturity was hastened by two to three weeks, in consequence, the timely-seeded what (P1) out-yielded late-seeded wheat (P0) by 75%. Delay in wheat seeding by each day after 22nd November decreased grain yield by 66 kg ha-1. Ear length of wheat was most closely related to the grain yield (r = 0.98).


Cotton; Wheat; Yield

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