The value of fox tail millet (Setaria italica) bran in broiler diets


Fox tail millet bran
Boiler diets

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The value of fox tail millet (Setaria italica) bran in broiler diets. (1994). Tropical Agriculture, 71(4).


Fox tail millet (Setaria italica) bran (FMB) contained on a dry basis (% w/w) crude protein 6.0, crude fibre 26.7, ether extractives 2.4, total ash 14.5, and lignin 13.5. Three trials were conducted with broiler chicks from one day old to five weeks of age, to assess the feeding value of FMB in broiler diets. The FMB was included in the diet at 0, 5, 10, and 15% (w/w, dry basis) in a 1:1 replacement of wheat bran. The 10% FMB diet supported growth similar to that of the basal diet, while there was a reduction in growth rate on 5 and 15% FMB diets in all three trials. The reduced weight gain on 15% FMB diet was significantly different from that both basal and 10% FMB diets (P<0.01) in Trial 1. The birds fed on 10% FMB diet retained significantly more N (39.9%) than the other three groups. The N retention on 15% FMB diet was the lowest (26.1%). Acid treatment of FMB (0.34N HCl) resulted in a marginal improvement in weight gain and better feed efficiency in 10 and 15% FMB diets, while autoclaving had a slightly adverse effect.