Sprout quality and sprout yield in different populations of mung bean [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek]

G. Rosaiah, D. Santha Kumari, N.V. Naidu, A. Satyanarayana


Among parents, F1, and F2 generations, the protein and ascorbic acid contents of mung bean sprouts were higher than those of the raw seeds. Sprouts of parents Pusa 105, K 851, PDM 54 and LGG 410 and crosses Pusa 105 × PDM 54, Pusa 105 × LGG 410, K 851 × PDM 54, and K 851 × LGG 410 were superior for most of the quality traits. Hypocotyl length, hypocotyl diameter, imbibition per cent, seed weight and ascorbic acid content had positive and significant correlations with sprout yield and among themselves and therefore should be considered in the selection process aimed at the development of lines for high sprout yield.


Mung bean; Vigna radiate; Sprouts

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