The behaviour of available phosphorous and its relationship with plants in acid volcanic soils of the Canary Islands

I. Trujillo, F. Gutiérrez, E. Figueruelo


A study of multiple components, followed by discriminant analysis, distinguished two basic main groups of acid volcanic soils in the Acentejo District in the north of Tenerife (Canary Islands): desaturated Andisols and Alfisols. Available P (determined by the methods of Olsen and Dyer) and exchangeable Al extracted with 1N NH4OAc (pH 4.8), and 1N KCl were used as variables. Plant uptake of P depended on the amount of available P (Dyer method) in the Alfisols, and on available P (Dyer method) together with exchangeable Al (KCI) in the desaturated Andisols.


Alfisol; Andisol; Phosphorus; Aluminium

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