Effects of controlled feed intake on growth, feed efficiency, and visceral organ weights of growing-finishing pigs*

A. Woldeghebriel, V. Khan, C. Williams, D. Vaughn, D. Maxwell


Twenty-four growing-finishing pigs averaging 19.70 ± 1.14 kg were used to determine the effect of level of daily feed intake (ad libitum, 90%, and 80% ad libitum) on growth, feed efficiency, and visceral organ weights. The average daily metabolizable energy (ME) and crude protein (CP) intake of the 90% and 80% ad libitum fed groups was limited to 37.58 and 33.17 MJ and 356.8 and 315.2 g, respectively. The control groups received 41.78 MJ of ME, and 396.8 g of protein daily. Average daily gains of the restricted group was 3-4% lower than the control group, necessitating one to three extra feeding days to attain the desired weight range (98-100 kg). Feed efficiency of the restricted group was slightly higher than the control group; however differences were significant (P < 0.05) only for 80% ad libitum treatment. The weight of the liver decreased significantly (P < 0.05) but other visceral organs were not affected by treatment.


Feed intake; Feed efficiency; Visceral organ weights; Growing-finishing pigs

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