Studies on the serum mineral profile in chronic bovine haematuria


Bovine haematuria
Mineral status
Dietary forages

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Studies on the serum mineral profile in chronic bovine haematuria. (1996). Tropical Agriculture, 73(4).


Serum samples from 31 cases of chronic bovine haematuria and that of 23 clinically healthy cattle of similar age-group, physiological status, and feeding system and managed by the same farmers were analysed for Ca, P, Mg, Na, K, Cu, Zn, and Fe. Serum Ca (9.5 mg dL·1), P (3.3 mg dL-1), and Cu (0.6 ?g mL-1) were lower in chronic bovine haematuria cases than in clinically healthy cattle, in addition to imbalances in minerals status (Ca and Mg and Ca and Na). The dietary availability of these minerals in the dominant dietary forages was determined as adequate to meet the requirement of the experimental animals. The results suggested some interference in the absorption of minerals by the haematuria cases. Urinanalysis revealed a higher elimination of Ca and Fe in haematuria victims which could also account for the lower serum mineral status of cattle suffering from haematuria. However, these observations need further studies to justify a stronger conclusion.