Yield and chemical composition of essential oils of Grenadian nutmegs

Ivan Chang Yen, Ramsumair Sookram, David McGaw


The effects of drying at various temperatures between 21-23°C and 45° C on the yield and chemical composition of essential oils from Grenadian nutmegs (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) were investigated. Steam distillation and cohobation of condensate were used for oil extraction. Oil yields decreased with increased drying temperatures, and this was associated with corresponding decreases in monoterpene hydrocarbon content. Results indicate that maximum essential oil yields on a dry weight basis were obtained for nutmegs dried at 21-23°C. Grenadian nutmeg oils contain more sabinene but less myristicin and safrole than oils from other geographic regions.


Essential oils; Grenadian nutmegs; Drying; Steam distillation; Yield; Chemical composition

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