Effect of plant spacing and cropping pattern on brown blotch (Colletotrichum truncatum) of cowpea

Samuel A. Adebitan, Bamidele Fawole, Glen L. Hartman


Field studies were conducted to determine the effect of plant spacing and cropping pattern on brown blotch, caused by Colletotrichum truncatum. A greater reduction of the disease occurred on intercropped compared to monocropped cowpea [Vigna uniguiculata (L.) Walp.]. Cowpea at wider spacings (between and within rows) showed lower disease incidence and severity in both monocrop and intercrop patterns than those at closer spacings. Fewer but more marketable yields were obtained from intercropped than monocropped cowpea, and from cowpea planted at wider row-spacings than those from closer spacings.


Plant spacing; Cropping pattern; Brown blotch; Disease incidence; Disease severity; Cowpea

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