The optimum time for yam-mound remoulding for cassava introduction in eastern Nigeria


  • C.L.A. Asadu Department of Soil Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Yam-mound remoulding, Cassava introduction, Earth-mulching


A study conducted in eastern Nigeria to determine the best time for yam-mound remoulding for cassava introduction, showed that the best period was between two and three months after the planting of yams in April. This recommendation was based on both the performance of yam and cassava as well as the estimated revenue from the yields of both crops. The study also showed that mound-remoulding could reduce the number of times farmers weed, from three to one and reduce erosion by improving the infiltration capacity of the yam mounds, since the soil material used in remoulding is often loose. The thin layer of earth on the mound after remoulding serves as an earth mulch which covers yam roots often exposed by the torrential rainfall which is characteristic of the study area.



Research Notes