Unpeeled cassava root meal in diets for laying hens

D. Eruvbetine, E.B. Oguntona


An experiment was conducted to determine the extent to which unpeeled cassava root meal could be included in diets for laying hens. Harco pullets were raised in standard battery cages in 12 groups of 17 birds each. Each of 4 diets comprising 0, 10, 20, and 30% unpeeled cassava root meal, was fed to three replicate groups for four weeks. There were no significant differences as a result of unpeeled cassava root meal inclusion in the diets on hen-day production per cent and feed conversion values. Egg quality traits showed no significant differences for both external and internal traits. It was concluded that unpeeled cassava root meal could replace maize totally as a source of energy in diets for laying hens without affecting productive performance and egg quality traits, providing it is properly processed and adequate protein and essential amino acid levels are included.


Unpeeled cassava root meal; Laying hens; Egg production; Egg quality

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