The partitioning of rainfall by a banana canopy in St Lucia, Windward Islands


  • David Harris Windward Island Banana Growers Association (WINBAN), Research and Development Division, P. O. Box 115, Castries, St Lucia, West Indies


Banana, Rainfall, Throughfall, Stemflow, St Lucia


The partitioning of rainfall into interception, throughfall, and stem flow in a representative stand of banana was studied between 28 May 1994 and 10 September 1994 m St Lucia, Windward Islands. Both throughfall and stemflow were highly correlated with rainfall amount, and comprised an average 80 and 10% of incident rainfall, respectively. Ten per cent of rainfall was intercepted and presumably lost to the atmosphere as evaporation. Although the proportion of rain passing through the canopy was relatively constant, its spatial distribution changed with time as canopy architecture changed with time and age of the crop. The soil surface below the canopy was never wetted uniformly but measurements of soil moisture content at 30 cm depth, using a neutron probe, showed no consistent variation with spatial location. There was a steady increase in soil moisture at this depth throughout the period during which 7 23 mm of rain fell.



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