Incidence of citrus tristeza virus and Toxoptera citricida in Belize

C.M. Herron, H.H. Sabal


Recently there has been a growing concern about the movement of citrus tristeza virus (CTV) and the efficient aphid CTV vector, Toxoptera citricida Kirkaldy, northwards through Central America and the Caribbean. The occurrence of CTV, distribution and strain severity has been unknown in Belize. This information is necessary to develop management strategies and must be determined before T. citricida becomes established in the country. All CTV strains in this study were detectable by ELISA using polyclonal antisera. ‘Severe strains’ were detected using a monoclonal antiserum, MCA-13. Citrus aphids were identified by light microscopy. Approximately 3% of samples tested was found infected with CTV, and out of these 0.1% was potential decline inducing strains by their positive reaction to the MCA-13. No T. citricida specimens were identified.


Citrus tristeza virus; Tristeza; Toxoptera citricida

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