Slaughter and carcass characteristics of Malawi Zebu steers and some observations on hindquarter conformation

Martyn H. Butterworth, James L. McNitt


The Malawi Zebu is used for intensive beef production but little is known about its slaughter and carcass characteristics. This study presents data obtained from a group of stall-fed steers with an average age of ? 3 years and a live weight of 334 kg. Weights of the various external and internal offals were compared with literature values for other breeds of African cattle. Carcass measurements and subjective evaluation confirmed that the Malawi Zebu has good beef characteristics. Linear measurements taken on the hindquarter of the live animal were highly correlated with hindquarter weight. The angle between a vertical from the hip and a line from the hip to the thurl was also significantly correlated with hindquarter weight.


Cattle; Linear measurement; Weight measurement

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