Variation of sweet potatoes with respect to the effects of waterlogging

Franklin W. Martin


The ability of sweet potato cultivars and unselected clones to produce storage roots under 6 levels of waterlog-ging of the roots was tested. No storage roots were produced in water culture or when the soil surface was inundated. When cuttings were planted in pots partially immersed in water, some clones produced storage roots. Rooted leaves produced storage roots even more freely in sand culture, with pots partially immersed in water. Yields of conventional cultivars were low in a heavy, waterlogged soil, but some unselected clones from a broad genetic base produced excellent yields. Thus, sweet potato is quite variable in resistance to stress caused by waterlogging. By selection among seedling clones, resistant cultivars can probably be developed.


Vegetables; lpomoea batatas; Waterlogging; Environmental stress

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