Effect of propagule type and depth of planting on the yield decline of plantains (Musa AAB) in the rain forest belt of Nigeria


  • Julius C. Obiefuna National Horticultural Research Institute, Ibadan, Nigeria


Plantain, Propagation, Yield


Deep planting of good quality propagules such as sword suckers enhanced the growth and sustained the yield of plantains in both the parent and first ratoon crop; shallow planting gave heavy yield for the parent crop but poor subsequent first ratoon crop. The yield of the first ratoon crop was lower than that of the parent crop for all types of propagules used. Average yields of the first ratoon crop decreased by ? 30% for plantains established with peepers. Heavy wind damage was recorded for the first ratoon crops when the propagules were planted shallowly. Late sword suckers, the most suitable propagules, should be planted 22 cm deep for sustained optimum yield. Inferior propagules produced comparable yields when planted at appropriate depths.



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