Yield and quality of five major Macadamia cultivars in Hawaii

P.J. Ito, R.A. Hamilton, H.H. Hirae


Yield and quality of five Macadamia cultivars were analysed for 13 consecutive years of production. Annual yield of in-shell nuts from cultivar Kau averaged 47.4kg per tree for the last 7 years on record, followed by Keauhou, Kakea, Ikaika and Keaau. Keauhou yielded an average of 15.8kg of kernels per year followed closely by Kakea m 15.3kg and Kau, 15.2kg. In an annual yield of No. 1 kernels, Kakea produced an average of 13.2kg, Kau, 12.4 kg and Keaau, 11.9kg, followed by Ikaika with 10.4 kg and Keauhou with 10.2 kg. Production of No. 1 kernels by all five cultivars for the entire 13-year period was similar to the average for the last 7 years.


Yield; Macadamia; Quality

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