Nitrogen concentration in the major grasses of the Derived and Guinea savanna zones of Nigeria in relation to season and site

Augustine O. lsichei


The concentration of total Kjeldahl N in above- and below-ground grass samples was monitored at five Nigerian savanna sites over 3 years. Significant variation, even in the same species, was found from plot to plot, with the highest concentrations in the samples from early-burnt Derived savanna and the lowest from northern Guinea samples. This may be related to soil N concentrations as a significant positive relationship was found between soil and plant concentrations. Nitrogen concentration in above-ground grass biomass declined almost exponentially from flushing through the dry season, whereas below-ground N concentration increased with the approach of the dry season. Two shade-favouring grasses, Andropogon tectorum and Beckeropsis uniseta were found to have the highest N concentrations above-ground.


Nitrogen; Grasses; Nigeria; Savanna

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