Chemical analysis of seven nutrient elements in some sugar-cane products and by-products

Ivan Chang-Yen, Persad L. Bodoe, Reza Mohammed


Samples of comfith, comrind, clarified juice, clarified syrup, A-, B- and C-molasses, C-massequite, filter press mud and rum distillers' wastes were analysed for Ca, Mg, P, K, Na, Fe and Cu. The results showed increases in mineral concentration from clarified juice to C-molasses, with a decrease in massequite due to suspended sugar crystals. Comfith and comrind contained comparable levels of minerals analysed, although the Ca level in comrind was several times higher than that of comfith. Filter press mud samples were rich in Ca, P and Fe, but relatively low in the other elements. Rum distillers' waste contained high levels of Ca, P, K, Na and Cu, but was low in Mg and Fe.


Sugar-cane; By-products; Minerals; Chemical methods of analysis

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