Effect of bed type and mulching on the wet season production of cabbage (Brassica oleracea)

Joy K. Tumuhairwe, Frank A. Gumbs


Cabbages were cultivated on four types of prepared bed; single-row ridges, double-row ridges, raised flat-beds and cambered beds. Mulch versus no mulch effects were studied as sub-plot treatments. Soil moisture contents at two depths, together with soil temperatures at three depths were recorded, and physical and chemical properties in the eight treatment combinations were studied for possible correlation with the growth and development of the cabbage plants. Bed type had a significant effect on earliness of heading and maturity, and on the rate of increase of dry and fresh weights. Drainage, some soil properties and soil temperatures were influenced by bed type also. The application of bagasse mulch in the wet season had no significant effect on the plant parameters measured.


Brassica oleracea; Food crops; Yield

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