Growth characteristics of an indigenous stock of guinea fowl

Gurvinder S. Brah, Jagtar S. Sandhu, Bal K. Shingari


Body weights of guinea fowl from hatching to 10 weeks of age were recorded at weekly interval as 24, 45, 68, 173,227,302.399, 461, 545 and 613 g. Feed consumption (per bird per day) was estimated to be 24.6, 63.8 and 96.4 g during 1-4, 4-7 and 7-10 weeks of age, respectively. Feed conversion ratios (feed consumed/gain in weight) were estimated to be 4.24, 6.14 and 9.36 during these periods. Mortality during the 10-week period was 3.7%.


Body weight; Feed consumption; Mortality; Guinea fowl

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