Increasing heat tolerance in sugar-cane setts by pre-sowing hardening

Sukhada Mohandas, K. Mohan Naidu


Tolerance to high temperature at the germination stage of sugar-cane setts (cv. 'Co 1148') could be induced to varying degrees by subjecting the setts to various pre-sowing hardening treatments with water calcium chloride (100 and 200ppm) ascorbic acid (50 and 100 ppm) and phenolic acids such as ferulic acid, vanillic acid and caffeic acid (10 and 20ppm each). Germination increased by 16-52%, maximum increases being achieved with calcium chloride (200ppm). ferulic acid (20ppm) and ascorbic acid (100 ppm). Root dry weight improved by 17-73% with ascorbic acid (100 ppm), caffeic acid (10ppm), ferulic acid (20ppm) and calcium chloride (200ppm).


Sugar-cane; Temperature effects; Germination

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