Guava Meadow Orchard: effect of ultrahigh density plantings and growth regulators on growth, flowering and fruiting

Shafaat Mohammed, Lawrence A. Wilson, N. Prendergast


Production of guava under a multi-shoot Meadow Orchard system was investigated. Approximately one-year-old guava plants cv. Centeno Prolific were planted in three ultra-high density plantings, i.e. 27000 plants ha-1 (60 60 cm), 37000 plants ha-1 (90 30 cm ) and 73000 plants ha -1 (43 30 cm). The pants were treated with several growth regulators (daminozide, ethephon, chlormequat, NAA, paclobutrazol, A820, and JF7559) at 250, 500, 1500 and 3000 ppm concentrations there months after planting. Planting density significantly influenced various characteristics such as plant height, number and length of branches, flowering, number and weight of the fruits and yield. The effects of the several growth regulator treatments on these characteristics, except for plant height, were insignificant. A planting density of 27000 plants ha-1 (60 60 cm) that produced an estimated fruit yield of 30.64 tha-1 was found to be the most profitable technique in a multi-shoot Meadow Orchard system for guava. Among the growth regulators, ethephon at higher concentrations (500-3000 ppm proved to be quite effective in reducing plant height and increasing flower production. The results of the investigation provide preliminary information useful for the development of a guava Meadow Orchard system.


Guava; Growing systems; Fruit

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