Chemical control of false rust of winged bean

M.J. Drinkall, T.V. Price


10 protectant and 10 systemic fungicides were tested for activity against Synchytrium psophocarpi.Greatest inhibition of germination in vitro was obtained with Calixin M and Saprol at 50 mg a.i. dm-3. In a field trial, mancozeb, triforine, pyrazophos. captan, Brestan 60 and Calixin M significantly (P ? 0.05) reduced the percentage leaf area of winged bean infected with false rust, but there was no correlation between disease severity and yield. A significant increase (P ? 0.05) in pod and seed yield was obtained only in plots sprayed with Calixin M.


Winged bean; Fungal diseases; Fungicides; Yield

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