Comparative study of photosynthesis in several Hevea brasiliensis clones and Hevea species under tropical field conditions

R. Ceulemans, R. Gabriels, I. Impens, P.K. Yoon, W. Leong, A.P. Ng


Net photosynthesis in 20 different Hevea brasiliensis clones and six Hevea species (native to Brazil) were measured under tropical field conditions in West-Malaysia using infrared gas analysis technique. Photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) response curves of net photosynthesis were studied and PPFD-compensation point photosynthetic quantum yield (PQY), dark respiration rate (ORR) and maximum net photosynthesis (PMAX) values were derived. Differences among clones and species are reported and discussed.


Rubber; photosynthesis; Instrumental methods of analysis

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