Growth analysis of four sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) cultivars in Papua New Guinea


  • R. Michael Bourke Department of Primary Industry. Keravat, Papua New Guinea


Sweet potato, Growth, Yield


Growth analysis of four sweet potato cultivars was performed in two trials. Significant cultivar differences were recorded for tuber yield, number of tubers per plant, mean tuber weight, total dry weight per plant, dry weight of the various plant components, leaf area index (LAI), leaf area duration (LAD), number of leaves per plant, mean leaf area per leaf crop growth rate (CGR) relative growth rate leaf area ratio and harvest index. Tuber yield at the final sampling was very closely correlated with total dry weight per plant, mean CGR and number of tubers per plant. It was also correlated with mean net assimilation rate (NAR), harvest index. LAD, maximum LAI and mean tuber dry weight. Correlations between numbers of tubers per plant and mean tuber weight, number of leaves per plant and mean leaf area per leaf, NAR and LAI, and CGR and LAI were examined.



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