Spacing and pruning of purple passion fruit


Passion fruit

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Spacing and pruning of purple passion fruit. (1984). Tropical Agriculture, 61(2).


In an experiment with purple passion fruit in which a row spacing of 1.8 m (wide) was compared with that of 1.2 m (narrow) under four pruning regimes, severe, selective, light and no pruning, it was found that the narrow spacing outyielded the wide one over a period of three years. Severe pruning gave lower yields than the other pruning treatments. The greater part of the yield was produced during the first cropping year and there was a drastic decline in yields over the three years. Since the vines were given supplementary irrigation, yields were obtained throughout the year, but the marked seasonal trends were not eliminated by irrigation. Spacing did not influence fruit size and quality, but selective and light pruning gave heavier and juicier fruit than severe and no pruning.