Stall-feeding beef cattle with agricultural by-products in Malawi

Martyn H. Butterworth, Noel C.C. Chintsanya, Ken M.J. Phiri, Peter W.S. Mitengo-Gama


The operation of the stall-feeder scheme for beef production in Malawi ls described. Four trials were carried out to determine the effects of various rations composed of locally available agricultural by-products on the growth rate of stall-fed beef cattle. Steers fed a supplement of meat-and-bone meal (200 g head-1 day-1) and bone meal (60 g head-1 day-1) gained significantly more than those fed a basal ration containing 64% 'madeya' (maize hominy feed), 20% ground maize, 15% poultry manure and 1% common salt. There was no advantage in increasing the level of poultry manure to 20%. Cattle fed two levels of 'madeya', or 'madeya' with meat-andbone meal, or bone meal as a supplement to maize stover and bean haulms gained significantly more than those fed maize stover and bean haulms without a supplement, but the roughages alone supported a small gain in weight. The efficiency of concentrate utilization was greater with the lower level of 'madeya' than the other treatments. Soaking maize stover for 2h prior to feeding did not improve growth rate or increase consumption over that when the maize stover was fed without treatment.


Cattle; Growth; Animal feed

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