Feasibility of in vitro propagation of bananas and plantains


  • D. Vuylsteke International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, PMB 5320, Ibadan. Nigeria
  • E. De Langhe Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium


Banana, Plantain, Rapid multiplication, In vitro culture


A method is described of rapid clonal propagation of bananas and plantains in vitro. Highly proliferative growth of adventitious buds is obtained by culturing pre-existing meristems on a medium with a high cytokinin concentration. Regeneration of plantlets from these multiple buds' is achieved by subculturing on a medium with a low cytokinin content. Each multiplication stage is 8-10 weeks long; regeneration of plantlets ready for soil transplantation requires 3-4 months. Varietal differences in the proliferation rates could be grouped according to genome type, the AAB and ABB genomes showing the highest multiplication potential. This in vitro technique can also be useful in germplasm exchange.



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