Integrating biological control of Citrus Blackfly and current Florida citrus spray programmes

Robert V. Dowell, George Fitzpatrick, Robert Zumstein, Martha Johnson, Joe Fiore


Five spray regimes typically used in Florida citrus groves were studied to determine their effect on populations of the citrus blackfly, Aleurocanthus woglumi Ashby, and on its associated predators and parasitoids. No spray programme had a significant effect on the numbers of citrus blackfly, its parasitoids or its primary predators, Delphastus pallidus Lec., D. pusillus Lec. and Chrysopa spp, observed per sample date. All spray programmes significantly reduced the numbers of spiders and large coccinellids. Seasonal distribution of citrus blackfly was altered by one regime which had two insecticide sprays beginning in June. The seasonal distributions of the parasitoids and predators were not significantly affected by any of the five regimes. It is concluded that existing biological control agents of citrus blackfly in Florida will not be adversely affected by current pesticides and treatment schedules used on Florida citrus.


Citrus blackfly; Aleurocanthus woglumi; Pest management; Natural enemies

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