The importance of differences in maturity periods and stature in sorghum/finger millet intercrops


  • Charles K. Ssekabembe Department of Crop Science, Makerere University, P.O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda


Sorghum/millet intercrops, Maturity period, Land equivalent ratio, Uganda


A study showed that combinations of appropriate cultivars of sorghum and finger millet could give yield advantages of up to 40%. The tall sorghum cv. Namateera of long maturity gave no yield advantage with millet cv. Serere 1 but did so with cv. Engenyi, an early maturing millet. SB 65, a short and early maturity sorghum, gave higher yield advantage when combined with WC 30, a long maturity millet. Combinations of the cereals that differ widely in maturation time gave higher yield advantages. The taller sorghum cultivars reduced millet yield in mixtures.



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