Background factors related to the job satisfaction of extension field staff in Trinidad


  • Joseph Seepersad Department of Agricultural Extension, University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago


Extension education, Job satisfaction


The study examined the relationships between selected background characteristics of agricultural extension field staff (the independent variables) and (a) satisfaction with selected job facets and (b) overall job satisfaction (the dependent variables). Stepwise multiple regression analysis was used to test the significance of these relationships, several of which were found to be statistically significant. However, except for satisfaction with competency, the contributions of such variables to the variances in overall job satisfaction and satisfaction with the various job facets, were generally low (less than 35%). In the case of competency, background variables accounted for 84.7% of the variance in satisfaction with this facet. Most of the variance was accounted for by years of extension experience (33.4%) and percentage time spent on extension activities (26.2%). The former was positively related, and the latter, negatively related to satisfaction with competency.



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