Leaf and canopy optical properties of five winter crops in Maharashtra, India

David W. Lee, Sharad L. Patel


Leaf optical properties (diffuse transmittance and reflectance) were measured in five winter crops, castor bean, hyacinth bean, mustard, pearl millet and pigeon pea, in Maharashtra State, India. These measurements allowed calculations of the absorptance of photosynthetic radiation and radiant energy (350-1100 nm) by the leaves of the five crops. Light passing through these leaves is attenuated (3.4% of sunlight) and altered in spectral quality (a ratio at 660/730 nm of 0.041). These properties partly determine the light climates in the shade of crop canopies (7 .8% of sunlight for photosynthetic radiation and 660/730 nm of 0.444).


Leaf optics; Light climates; R:FR; Castor bean; Hyacinth bean; Mustard; Pearl millet; Pigeon pea

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