Pedormance of subtropical forage legumes in Louisiana, south-central USA

Ann Marie Thro, Clinton C. Shock


27 species of subtropical forage legumes were evaluated for persistence, forage production and forage quality at two sites (latitudes 29°50' N and 30°50' N) in Louisiana, USA. The annual legume Macroptilium lathroides had highest forage yields for the sowing year at an upland site. Aeschynomene americana had highest yields in the Mississippi River Delta and highest yields from self-seeding at both sites in the second year. Perennial legumes Aeschynomene falcata, Arachis glabrata, Desmodium canum, Desmodium intortum, Desmodium uncinatum, lotononis bainesii and Vigna parkeri survived winter temperatures as low as -13°C. Of these, the most vigorous were D. canum, D. intortum and D. uncinatum. Research is warranted on management and economic value of A. americana, M. lathyroides and Desmodium species in forage-livestock production systems in the south-central USA.


Plant introduction; Subtropical forage legumes

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