Growth, productivity and nutrient uptake by cassava in association with four perennial species

S.P. Ghosh, G.M. Nair, N.G. Pillai, T. Ramanujam, B. Mohankumar, K.R. Lakshmi


Growth, nutrient uptake and productivity of cassava grown in association with four perennial species (coconut, banana, Eucalyptus sp. and Leucaena sp.) were investigated during the first two-year growth of the perennials. Dry matter production, uptake of N, P, K, Ca and Mg and tuber yield of cassava were significantly higher under banana; reduction in tuber yield was noticed under Eucalyptus and Leucaena during both seasons and was more conspicuous during the second year, mainly due to moisture stress. The growth of Eucalyptus in association with cassava was vigorous. The shade effect of the perennials on cassava was maximum under Eucalyptus. There was no marked variation in the concentration of the nutrients in various plant parts of cassava and the treatment differences in total uptake were mainly due to variations in total biomass production.


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