Potassium-buffering capacity in relation to crop growth and soil variables in some tropical soils

S.B. Mittal, Anand P. Singh, S.C. Mehta, S.P.S. Karwasra


Laboratory and glasshouse experiments were conducted to study the potassium-buffering capacity and response to applied K by wheat in 14 identified soil series of Hisar (India). A linear relationship was observed between exchangeable and saturation-extract K concentrations in almost all the soils. The K-buffering capacity varied widely and was significantly correlated with K fixation capacity, CEC and non-exchangeable K content of the soil. No significant correlations with dry matter yield, total K uptake and exchangeable K were observed and this was explained on the basis of a major contribution of non-exchangeable K to plant-utilized K. Responses to applied K were observed in only five of the 14 soils; however, the K uptake increased with increasing K application.


Potassium; Buffering capacity; Crop growth; India

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