Effect of management systems on the fattening of indigenous pearl guineafowl (Numida meleagris-galeata Pallas) in Nigeria

K.I. Ayorinde, J.S.O. Ayeni


Raising guineafowl in battery cages to 20 weeks of age gave rise to higher mean body weight gain, feed conversion ratio, lower mortality and higher carcass yields than for birds raised on deep litter. Although the differences, except feed intake and feed conversion ratio, were not significant for the first six weeks of the experiment the type the management had statistically effect on body weight gain (7.51 vs 5.88 g bird-1 day-1), feed intake (4716 g vs 4283 g) and feed conversion ratio (5.10 vs 6.18) after the 6th week of age (P < 0.05 )


Battery cage; Deep litter; Nigerian indigenous Pearl Guineafowl; Weight gain; Feed conversion ratio; Mortality; Carcass yields

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