Effect of planting date and harvest stage upon yield, yield distribution and quality of sorghum sudangrass in northern Mexico

J.M. Farias, J.E. Winch


An experiment was conducted in 1980 in northern central Mexico to determine the effects of planting date and harvest stage upon the yield and quality of sorghum sundangrass. Early planting dates resulted in high dry matter yields. There was no effects on the quality of the forage produced due to date of planting. Harvest stages, on the other hand, affected yield and quality. Early harvesting increased quality but decreased the yield of dry matter. Harvest at young stages of maturity should be avoided because of HCN toxicity hazard and low yield. Harvesting at advanced stages provided high yield but the quality was low. The intermediate stages (1.0m height and heading) appeared to be best for harvest. The selection between them will depend on animal requirements, water and machinery availability.


Planting date; Harvest stage; Yield; Quality; Sudangrass

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