Regeneration of patchouli plantlets by propagation of leaves


Adventitious buds
Essential oils
In vivo propagation

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Regeneration of patchouli plantlets by propagation of leaves. (1987). Tropical Agriculture, 64(2).


Leaves of patchouli cultivars Johore, Java, Indonesian, Malaysian and Singapore were rooted under intermittent mist. Observations on root length and root number indicated similar initial root growth in all the cultivars. Java and Singapore cvs showed more extensive root growth at 30 and 45 days. No differences were observed in the root parameters, length, number, dry weight and root/leaf ratio in leaves with and without a petiole. Differences were recorded in the capacity to form adventitious plantlets. Leaves of Java and Singapore cvs failed to form plantlets even after five months, whereas in others formation of plantlets was observed 30-35 days after planting of leaves and was persistent. The results indicate the potential of this technique to produce mutant and polyploid forms of patchouli.