Sprout removal in storage and seed yam production in Nigeria


Stored yams
Seed yams

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Sprout removal in storage and seed yam production in Nigeria. (1988). Tropical Agriculture, 65(4). https://journals.sta.uwi.edu/ojs/index.php/ta/article/view/1965


An investigation was carried out on the effects of periodic removal of shoots from stored yams as a prelude to production of yams from minisetts cut from the stored yams. Lower weight losses occurred from tubers which had their shoots removed compared with those which had not, with a tendency to lower tuber weight losses with higher frequency of shoot removal. Periodic shoot removal in storage significantly affected the rate of shoot production of minisetts in the field. Tubers which had had their shoots removed during storage tended to produce shoots earlier when planted in the field. Reduction in leaf area index occurred 105 days from planting when vines were either left intact or removed continuously or five times. There were no significant differences between treatments in the production of yams weighing 200-500 g, but a higher percentage of yams over 500 g were obtained with continuous shoot removal. The total yield of tubers at harvest was significantly higher in treatments with continuous shoot removal than in all others.