Filter cake as a nitrogen fertilizer for plant cane in Mauritius


  • K.F. Ng Kee Kwong Sugar Industry Research Institute, Reduit, Mauritius
  • J. Deville Sugar Industry Research Institute, Reduit, Mauritius


Filter cake, Sugarcane, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Fertilization


The possible use of filter cake in the N fertilization of plant cane (Saccharum spp. hybrids) was investigated over a 3-year period in six different climatic zones of Mauritius. The data obtained from the field trials showed that nitrogen uptake by plant cane tended to be improved by filter cake in two localities only. The present study not only confirmed the value of filter cake as a P source to sugarcane but also showed that more P maybe taken up from filer cake than from an equivalent amount of triple superphosphate. It is therefore more likely that yield benefit observed in this study with filter cake was caused by an improved P nutrition of plant cane rather than by an enhanced supply of N from the filter cake.



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