Metabolizable energy values of some tropical feedstuffs for poultry


  • O.G. Longe Department of Animal Science, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
  • G.O. Tona Department of Animal Science, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


Metabolizable energy, Tropical feedstuffs, Poultry


Two experiments were conducted to determine the apparent and true metabolizable energy contents of some ingredients usually incorporated into poultry feeds in the tropics. True metabolizable energy (TME) values on a dry matter basis ranged 15.9-16.6 MJ kg-1 for the cereals, 14.4-15.4 MJ kg-1 for the tubers, 12.6-13.0 MJ kg for animal protein concentrates, 10.0-12.6 MJ kg-1 for residues obtained after oil extraction from plant seeds and 34.6-37.0 MJ kg-1 for vegetable oils. The differences between TME and apparent metabolizable energy (AME) were greater for brewers' grain, palm kernel meal, groundnut meal and maize cob than for sweet potato, cassava meal, maize, sorghum, biscuit meal, fish meal, blood meal, coconut oil, palm kernel oil or palm oil.



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