Effect of induced molybdenum deficiency on growth and enzyme activity in sorghum

S.C. Agarwala, C. Chatterjee, N. Nautiyal


Molybdenum-deficiency symptoms were first observed in sorghum cv. Deshi (Sorghum bico/or (L.) Moench = S. vulgare Pers.) grown in refined sand at 0.00001 mg Mo l-1 after eight weeks, becoming severe later. Mild deficiency symptoms were also observed at 0.001 mg Mo I-1. At the two deficient levels of Mo the reduction in seed yield was more marked than in the plant dry weight. Molybdenum deficiency reduced the specific activities of nitrate reductase, peroxidase, catalase and aldolase and increased that of acid phosphatase. After 48 h a supply of additional Mo to the deficient plants produced a trend towards restoration of enzyme activity to the values found in normal plants.


Enzymes; Mo deficiency; Sorghum

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