Total replacement of cereals by cassava and rice polishings in diets of growing finishing pigs

F.P. Lekule, L.A. Mtenga, A. Just


The effects of feeding soaked, fresh cassava root tubers (CRT), cassava root meal (CRM) and rice polishings (RP) as the only energy sources for growing-finishing pigs were examined in growth and digestibility studies. The diets were compared with a control (maize, sorghum) diet simulating a widely used commercial diet. The CRT and RP diets had significantly higher coefficients of digestion of dry matter and organic matter and higher metabolizable energy (ME) content than the control and CRM diets (P < 0.001). Feed intake, feed efficiency and growth rate did not differ significantly between treatment groups. Pigs on the control diet had a significantly lower empty body weight and a greater length and fill of the large intestine (P< 0.05). The results indicate that cassava and rice polishings are excellent energy sources for growing-finishing pigs and could totally replace cereals in pig diets, provided that the diets are formulated to meet requirements for essential nutrients.


Cassava; Rice polishings; Pig performance

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