Effect of management practice on weed infestation, yield and nutrient concentration of the fluted pumpkin, Telfairia occidentalis Hook.

J.A. Orluchukwu, E.M. Ossom


Fluted pumpkin vines were grown in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and trained on trellis, on platforms, managed on mounds and on the flat without support to determine the influence of these management practices on weed infestation, fresh weight (FW) yield of leaves and nutrient accumulation. The results showed that the crop planted on the flat had a considerable weed suppression effect and the highest leaf FW obtained. Leaf area was observed to be positively correlated (r = 0.33; P = 0.05) with FW leaf yield. When planted on mounds, fluted pumpkin leaves accumulated more N, P and Mg than when other management practices were used. There were significant differences in the concentration of P and K under these management practices. Management of the fluted pumpkin on the flat during the dry season is recommended.


Management practice; Fluted pumpkin; Weed infestation; Yield; Analysis

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