Correlation and path analysis in Lablab niger Medik., Dolichos unillorus Lam. and their F1

J. Kabir, S. Sen


Correlation and path analyses were performed from an 8 × 8 diallel (without reciprocals) experiment for seven characters. Pod number, pod length and width as well as seeds pod-1 were strongly correlated positively with pod yield at genotypic and phenotypic levels. Days to flower and 100-seed weight showed significant positive correlation with pod yield at genotypic level only. The genotypic correlation coefficient was lower than the phenotypic correlation in the association of pod width with pod yield; the influence of environment in the association of the two characters at genic level was evident. Path analysis revealed the largest positive direct effect of pod length on pod yield, followed by pod number, pod width and seeds pod-1, in that order, while 100-seed weight and days-to-flower exhibited negative direct effects.


Hyacinth bean; Horsegram; Yield component; Correlation; Path analysis

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