Pre-incubation storage of guineafowl eggs in cooling cabinet vs room: effect on hatchability components

Gurvinder S. Brah, Jagtar S. Sandhu


Hatchability components of guineafowl eggs, stored for 0-6, 7.13 and 14-20 days under two conditions, in a cooling cabinet (low temperature) and in a room (high temperature), were studied. Hatchability declined significantly at the rate of 3.41 and 3.68% day-1 of storage during the entire length of 20 days in the cooling cabinet and room, respectively. The overall hatchability was lower for eggs held in the cooling cabinet in comparison with those stored in the room. Lower hatchability recorded for the cooling cabinet was mainly due to heavier early mortality. Incidences of malpositions and malformations were not affected by length of storage in the cooling cabinet, but both of these anomalies appeared to increase with storage time for room-held eggs. Overall incidences of malpositions and malformations were significantly higher for room-held eggs. Implications of these findings to guineafowl breeding in the tropics are discussed.


Guineafowl; Eggs; Storage temperature; Incubation

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